To ensure the promise (an innovative device allowing students and teachers to design and conduct a project to develop new skills and enhance them) and pass all stages of the proposed route, we will use tools having already proved their usefulness for the 20 years of the operation ‘start in high school. They will be available in version 2.0 to use based on 2 technologies that we will combine: a platform of collaborative work in 3D with knowledge immersion do Greenflash®


  • Seriously learn in a fun way
  • Assist and encourage each team /i°Cop in his career
  • Allow to validate steps, access to “bonuses”.
  • Facilitate the animation, coordination, and the valuation of the work carried out
  • Simplify the monitoring of activities for members of the teaching staff
  • Encourage exchanges between participants in order to gain more experience and avoid repeating errors
  • Allow each participant to move forward at their own pace, according to their level and this asynchronously if necessary (to catch any absences)

The school year 2017-2018 is devoted to a pilot operation that will take place on 6 or 7 institutions of Aix-en-Provence or Marseille.

The goal is to build the device and its production system innovative with the main actors in the field to be able to launch from next September, the operation on the Academy of Aix-Marseille and the PACA Region so requests sufficient come from the Academy of Nice.

The call for applications for the academic year 2018-2019 will be open in the first quarter 2018.

If you are interested please contact us or use the Greenflash® Downloadable application for free on your smartphone and Flash the Greenflash® below.


Welcome aboard!   

Trip planned in 10 steps

Predefined flight plan, but many passengers, time of departure, destination, climb speed, cruising speed, stops and time of arrival, to be defined by the crew.

Supply set, including to anticipate possible change in weather, or destination, if the crew changes his mind for a better opportunity.

Possibility to appeal to experts, coaches, mentors and advice from the control tower.

Except serious incident, to avoid, all crews will arrive safely and will be more experienced for an upcoming trip.

For more information before take-off:

To contact the control tower:


compensation pilot ESV

1st meeting of coordination:

The control tower invites you to a first briefing which will be held the:

Wednesday 25 October at the IAE Aix GSM (directions below)

Google-maps – see the place on a map


Presentation of the rule and the map of the game by the control tower

Presentation of the crew: the captain to passengers not to mention hostesses and the steward

The checkpoints and communication protocols

The AIDS to navigation

Weather points

Emergency procedures

Desired presence  

Put “Confirmation 25 October” in the subject via:



You have reached the 1 check point and completed the 1st step 🙂

You will find attached the coordinates of an Expert from whom you can get advice and information for step 2:

URL of the list of Experts and their areas of expertise

Precision: An Expert will not work for you.

At the end of 3 or 4 questions/advice, he is likely to ask you… so that it is you who go looking for information.

The goal is also to teach yourself even.

You’re learning, in a simulator, mistakes are still acceptable and without consequence.

Take the opportunity to take responsibility and do not hesitate to consult the manual of edge in case of doubt:

URL of the frequently asked Questions No. 1

Good flight, and watch the weather radar.