Collaborative Professional Orientation Initiative

How does it work?

In a first step, it is necessary to want, then, it is desirable to organize with the help proposed by our device and, finally, it is advisable to inform / motivate the young people.

The proposed approach begins with a presentation of the skills required to fit into and evolve in the companies / organizations of today and tomorrow. Then, it is proposed to young people to initiate and complete a project that will lead them to meet partners and negotiate with clients outside the institution.

They will lead a project in the most autonomous way possible. This entrepreneurial experience will allow them to gain experience even if everything does not work as expected. It will end with a review of skills acquired and the choice of career guidance.

They will use modern and innovative methods and tools already used by the most advanced companies (web 3.0, collaborative work, use of networks, risk management, etc.).

Means for the realization of the device

  • Innovative financial engineering: private partnership / Public / citizen
  • An ecosystem of production innovation: Mix of proven traditional methods with innovative digital means.
  • Original global management adapted to the concept and the production system of the device based on different networks of expertise
  • A service offering of attractive main base supplemented by services / peripheral options useful and rewarding for teachers to go beyond their function as “Ferryman of knowledge” to “cultivator of curiosity and reflection.”
  • A commitment to a “iCop’ of the educational institution

For a device on 30 weeks / 2 hours per week, a budget in the order of € 6 per hour per participant.

Free for institutions and participants. Funded by citizens, public and private funds.


For high school students and students

  • To get to know each other better, to identify his talents, to define his professional project
  • Develop skills, competences and behaviors that promote access to employment and make teaching more meaningful
  • Motivate young people by putting them in real situations to project themselves into the future
  • Help young people build solid foundations for their professional integration

For teachers

  • Help set up actions involving different disciplines and motivate students around a project using a structured approach
  • To have a space of freedom within the framework of the development of educational experiments compatible with the reform of the high school

For institutions

  • Create a dynamic around a project that brings together high school students, students, teachers, management, high school students and external partners
  • Fully respond to integration and career guidance missions
  • Promote the establishment through innovative projects

For the local authority

  • Promote the professional integration of young people
  • Fight with rectorates against school failure

How the proposal of services is ensured

By a clear and controlled educational progression:

    1 Skills of the 21st Century – Conference – Debate 1 session
    2 Have ideas of creation of activities – identify basic skills 2 sessions
    3 Identify the need and the market and define the formula 3 sessions
    4 Identify the risks and obstacles – assess value creation 2 sessions
    5 Define its core business and identify talents – economic autonomy 3 sessions
    6 The financial feasibility of the project – economic viability 1 session
    7 Prepare and plan the project – who does what, how and when? 3 sessions
    8 The activity and exploit his talents – 1 service, 1 product, 1 event 10 sessions
    9 Identify the skills – what I know actually do 2 sessions
    10 The future – choose his career guidance 2 sessions

By a «Job Introduce» course

  • Presentation of the schedule of work: teamwork and personal work
  • The course is suitable based on the level and the age of the participants: it’s like a treasure hunt, but the Treasury will be the result of activities in terms of skills, experiences and skills
  • It’s like a treasure hunt with forced passes (review of step), but within a framework and with a goal by / with the “BO”.
  • The ‘reviews of step’ allow to accumulate “Bonus” staking the teaching progression and enrich skills book
  • “BO”: the educational team (teachers and non – teachers) has an accompanying of the type “Good organizer” role: facilitator and rarely maker instead of young participants
  • The route stops, if possible, mid-April to have time to prepare for the festive year-end event (mid-May) valuing the work done

Advice for his guidance and employability

  • Motivation tests
  • Guidance Counselling
  • In partnership with guidance professionals

Through a network of Experts: Network Excellence, entrepreneurs of the IRCE network, a large international NGO

  • Opportunity to apply for the experts in a field to validate the project and cross steps
  • Discovery of the trades and industries on the occasion of the relationships established with the ‘Experts ‘.
  • The ‘Experts’ do not work in the place of young people and teachers. They operate as a ‘Consultant’ on demand which is voluntarily limited to 3 meetings so that it doesn’t become the assistantship but rest of the Board. If necessary additional sessions, there will be a few simple criteria to go away (joker).

By personnel resources of National Education: inspectors, teachers, school principals…

  • They will be guarantors of the respect of the pedagogical approach and integration / complementarity of contributions of knowledge in the academic curriculum they know better than us.
  • They will also play an important role towards the National Education institution and towards other players not participating in the ESV device and sometimes reluctant or more.
  • They will advise the organizers / facilitators of the device in order to better articulate the work conducted as part of ESV with official programs and according to the applicable standards in educational institutions

All these basic services can be supplemented optionally by peripheral services (requiring a supplementary budget):

  • Learning to communicate with modern tools: mini stage “produce a powerful clip”, create a WebDoc, use digital tools accessible to all in a professional way
  • Enhance the realization of the iCop





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