The formula summary

A Concept, a name

Management of a QR-Code smart & dynamic, editable, customizable, multisupport with geolocation, statistics, and Data Opt-in… The deliverable is a ‘result’, retained in the application history.

A market segment

Professionals (companies, TPE, SME or +)

From purchase to delivery through updates of information or statistics connected on any medium…

 Associations, foundations…

Develop positive communities and associate sponsors who défiscalisent their project useful and sustainable financing


To develop links of citizenships more responsible and fast to deploy implemented in all places and all media.

A production system

Operations management is associated with a powerful Back-office allowing the update by an Internet platform that allows to create the Formats of QR-Code ‘settings’ (16 types of settings) and can be changed later. (Digitally delivered in JPEG or PDF)

NB: Requires a human Back-office according to the volume and frequency of update operations. And following the instructions to put on physical media, with assistance useful innovation of pedagogical use in personalized communication.

Offer structured

Pack for creating Operation (s) according to the types of settings and updates, with several forms of pricing.

QR-Code dynamic, adaptable, which offers of the “contactless”, fast, reliable, with connected and easily become supports to date.

The specific Operations will require a quote following the assessment of the constraints to be implemented.

The image referred to

A ‘connection’ personal quick and selected, that makes sense and creates a ‘links’ stored and available.