Spaces and collaborative tools virtual reality Immersive

This collaborative workspace will be built during the operation pilot launched on this school year 2017/2018su with 6 or 7 institutions of Aix-en-Provence or Marseille.

We’ll build it with players in the field from the technology and with the help of Immersive Colab initiated by:

Pierre-Yves PEREZ ( •

The key words are: “collaborative Emulation”, “Sharing of experiences and toolsand “improve the skills acquired”.

For the ‘Undertake your life’ device, this technology will allow:

1. the implementation of a system of remote support/training

  • Assistance in the preparation of the learning path from the idea to the project until a 1 sales through editing and animation of the team of young entrepreneurs. Provision of tools, delivered as progresses, will facilitate the conduct of the project. The realization is the responsibility of each team framed by 2 or 3 teachers and a mentor.
  • Technical and methodological resources are at the disposal of the teams along the way. Digital modern solutions allow to adapt to the rhythms, level and agenda of each team and coach. The collaborative space allows the creation and manipulation of objects or documents.
  • Fun means are available to participants (maps heuristics, spaces of interactive debates, systems for exchanging experience and additional training… and Protocol of tests/validation for each key stage)
  • “trees of knowledge”, but also for learning in solidarity reciprocity according to the method of “reciprocal of knowledge exchange networks.

2. the follow-up of the i°Cop by facilitators/coordinators and immersion evidence closer to reality

A space of animation/coordination on the model of a control tower which was intended to help the crews of each i°Cop to progress and reach their goal. Each i°Cop will have its space dedicated to the image of its activity. Each young entrepreneur can project themselves and live his role/function in a playful way and closest to reality. Ditto for the members of the education team.

The collaborative workspace can be fitted with an area of programming with visualization tools, a social network and a creative space for each, each team to create a domain / activities closest to the desired reality.

It will be associated with Greenflash® technology that will help and encourage each team /i°Cop, allowing to validate steps, access to “Bonuses” and for each participants to move forward at their own pace and according to its level.

3. the valuation of the achievements of each team and the skills acquired by young entrepreneurs

Each participant will create his avatar and evolve according to its wishes and under the gaze of others.

Young entrepreneurs and members of the teaching staff will be able to meet remotely, share individually or in Group oral and the edit with, if necessary, recognition and computer assisted translation.

As the progress and developments of the project, bonuses will be earned by participants and they will be able to improve their presentation, their place of work, trade between them and with others… They will receive, if any, additional resources to develop their activities and results.

Maps of skills coupled with a device of professionalization by the exchange of knowledge could be proposed. Just like the opportunity to develop the skills acquired throughout the device, even in the event of failure.

On the basis of this pilot operation, a call for applications for the academic year 2018/2019 will be open beginning may 2018.

If you are interested contact us!